To use a custom domain on Shifter first you will need to validate that domain. To do this, start by follow the steps in our How to guide on assigning a domain.

If you've followed those steps and are still having trouble validating that domain here are a few tips to check your setup.

Double check your CNAME record

If you've copied and pasted your validation CNAME from the Shifter Dashboard it may include a few extra characters or the domain itself.

The record does not need include the top level domain.

For example, here we are using the www version of your domain.

Hostname: _123456789.www
Type:     CNAME

Heres another example using the non-www version of your domain.

Hostname: _123456789
Type:     CNAME

Check if your record has propagated 

Depending on your DNS provider or TTL you may need to  wait for the new record to propagate. To check this process you can use a site like WhatMyDNS to check the status and validate your record.

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