Be popular demand, we've updated Shifter's container runtime so you can get more done.

Previous to this update Shifter would run WordPress a max time of 60 minutes before powering down. We've extended this to 180 minutes (3 hours) of normal operation.

Also, we added a function that will watch for inactivity in the WordPress admin. After 10 minutes of inactivity or leaving the WordPress Dashboard, Shifter will power down.

We hope you enjoy these additions to make it easier managing content and keeping your WordPress sites more secure.

Extending Shifter Container runtime to 180 minutes in the following situations.

  • Editing posts or pages.

  • Previewing posts or pages while logging in.

  • Installing, activating, deactivating or modifying themes.

  • Installing, activating, deactivating or modifying plugins.

  • Creating, updating the users.

  • And some activities on WordPress Dashboard.


Power down Shifter Container after 10 minutes in the following situations

  • Close browser's windows or tabs.

  • Log out of WordPress Dashboard.



We're monitoring the container status via WordPress Heartbeat API. If you have activated Heartbeat Control plugin or similar, we'll fail to monitor container status and won't be able to extend container runtime. We strongly recommend never install or activate plugin or function to limit  Heartbeat API.

Release Notes

  • Extended Shifter Container to 180 minutes

  • Added watch function to power down Shifter Container after 10 minutes of inactivity

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