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[General topics]

Creating a new WordPress site

Create new WordPress sites right from the Shifter Dashboard in just a few clicks.

Resolving deprecation notices from WordPress Themes and Plugins on Shifter

Resolving errors or warning while running your WordPress container

Safe mode

Booting WordPress in Safe mode helps you to investigate issue.


[About artifacts]

Auto Deploy Artifacts on Shifter

Automatically deploy new static Artifacts.

How to disable Auto Deploy Artifact

No more Automate Deployment? Disable it now!

Creating an Artifact

Artifacts on Shifter are static versions (or builds) of your WordPress site. They are an entire copy of your site as HTML, CSS, and assets.

Previewing Artifacts

Preview before deploy an artifact.


[About permalinks]

Configuring Permalinks

Shifter only supports "Pretty" WordPress Permalinks


Emergency user

The ephemeral user to help you to login WordPress.

Unblock pop-up window

Shifter use window pop up feature to previewing an artifact before deploy it. This document describes.

Canceling artifact generating

Disallowing search engine's crawler access

Does Shifter have time out for WordPress?

[Related topics]

Migrating Basics

Migrating to Shifter

Migrating your WordPress site to Shifter


Migrating Entire WordPress Sites

Migrating to Shifter using the All-in-One WP Migration WordPress Plugin

A guide to migrate your entire WordPress site to Shifter in just a few clicks using the All-in-One WP Migration WordPress Plugin


Migrating WordPress Content

Migrating WordPress Content to Shifter with the WordPress Importer Plugin

Migrate your WordPress content on Shifter using XML and the WordPress Importer pluginWritten by Daniel Olson Updated over a week ago

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